Multi and Single Family Home Compliance Inspection Services

The Department of Housing & Neighborhood Services’ (HNS), Housing Services Division requires companies to provide residential housing inspection services. The City is looking to contract with one or more companies that perform multifamily rental compliance inspection services on residential structures and single-family home minimum housing code compliance and safety inspections. Companies have the option of submitting a proposal for one type of inspection service or both types of inspection services.

On Call Technology Services

Contract(s) will be used to provide maintenance and support for systems purchased under these Contracts.   Contracts may include additional software licenses, services, and hardware.  These task order Contracts will provide Aviation the necessary flexibility to ensure the needs of the rapidly changing environment are met.  It is critical to ensure the Airport’s technology systems are stable and safe to allow tenants to connect to their own technology systems.

CLT Technology Public Wi-Fi

This Contract is to provide a Public WiFi solution addressing the full spectrum of CLT’s technology systems. The Work will include, without limitation, program/project management, organizational change management, and implementation services covering the complete lifecycle of technology systems from inception, starting with planning, through design, procurement, configuration, integration, install, test, operational-readiness-activation-training (ORAT), and operation & maintenance (O&M), and replacement. This Public Wifi effort will cover all areas where existing coverage is present and to include any newly constructed areas.

Design, Implement and Maintenance Services for a Content Management System (CMS)

Company is responsible for designing, developing and maintaining the approved web and mobile application. The website should consume content and web assets from the Content Management Database (CMDB) similar to the function of a headless web Content Management System (CMS). The mobile application will also consume content from the CMDB. The content
will be created and editable in the CMDB and accessed via a feed or API to the front-end website and mobile application.

CMPD Cultural Competency Training RFP

The City of Charlotte (the City) is soliciting a Request for Proposals (RFP) to find a company and solution that can provide effective Cultural Competency Training for The Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD). The City will award one vendor with a multi-year contract.

CMPD would like to equip its sworn and civilian employees to address the needs of multicultural community members and visitors through the creation of a cultural competency training curriculum specific to the City of Charlotte. The objective of the training curriculum is to help understand, respect, and appropriately respond to cultural norms when responding to the needs of these communities. The proposed training curriculum is to be customized for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.

The Company will:

  • Provide a one-day session of training for all employees to include but not limited to officers, recruits, laterals and civilians.
  • Provide a four-hour refresher advanced course for all employees who have taken the one-day course, including officers, laterals, and civilians.
  • Provide Cultural Competency and Leadership training for CMPD Command College and Sergeants Training
  • Develop a training curriculum that will teach social justice, empowerment, intersectionality, power and privilege, oppression, and the changing policing landscape.
  • Provide resources that will assist the employee in enhancing self- awareness, foster relationships, and offer a community outlook.
  • Be able to provide training to employees at the request of the Chain of Command or internal affairs ruling board.


CCPA Technology Products and Related Services

The City of Charlotte requires miscellaneous technology goods and services from a variety of providers to support ongoing operations. This Request for Proposals (RFP) is on behalf of the Charlotte Cooperative Purchasing Alliance (CCPA).

The vendors will provide the following miscellaneous technology goods and services:

  • Conference room equipment (smartboards and projectors)
  • Miscellaneous technology items (plotters, tablet computers, ruggedized laptops, video cameras and equipment, power protection, and A/V equipment, etc.)
  • Servers and firewalls
  • Network hardware and software
  • Commercial off-the-shelf and cloud-based software, support, maintenance, licensing, and related services.


Professional Consulting Services RFP

The City of Charlotte is soliciting a Request for Proposals (RFP) to acquire professional consulting services for strategic planning, research, analysis, and development to improve local government operations.  This multi-year contract will be awarded to multiple vendors that best meet its needs for these services.

The Consultant(s) shall be established, qualified, and experienced consulting firms capable of providing versatile strategic planning resources, support, and consultation in the local government arena.

The Consultant(s) must be capable of performing various tasks, up to and including, but not limited to:

  • Providing strategic planning for various City departments, programs, services, initiatives, and activities;
  • Providing expert- and research-based advice on strategic development, capacity building, business strategies, and process improvement;
  • Conducting operational analyses, assessments, and audits in an effort to ascertain organizational effectiveness and identify opportunities for improvement. Analyses and assessments may involve such areas as operational effectiveness and accountability, organizational structure and performance, resource management and alignment, change management, workforce needs and development, succession planning, and management practices;
  • Analyzing, developing, and implementing management strategies, to include but not be limited to, crisis management, protection of the City brand, and reinforcing City relationships;
  • Conducting surveys regarding the City’s reputation and perception by residents, employees, customers, local business partners, regional partners, and other stakeholders;
  • Conducting market research based on current market trends and best practices among peer cities, at a minimum;
  • Facilitating and/or conducting strategic mapping initiatives, to include benchmarking metrics;
  • Assisting City staff in testing and implementing strategy map recommendations;
  • Facilitating and supporting strategic conversations, meetings, trainings, focus groups, and retreats with internal and external stakeholders; and
  • Providing appropriate support as requested for special projects as assigned by the City Manager or designee.

River District Firehouse – Phase 1

Scope Statement: CFD plans to build a temporary firehouse for the newly developed River District to manage response volumes in the area. The firehouse will be located on Dixie River Road, near the future Catawba Crossing, on parcel number 14128101.

The Phase 1 facility will be (1) triple wide trailer to house the firemen and a pre-engineered building to serve as an apparatus bay to house the fire engine and emergency equipment.

This location and site selection meets the City of Charlotte Policy for Sustainable City Facilities and Charlotte Fire Department Facilities Master Plan.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure System

Charlotte Water, a Department of the City of Charlotte NC, will be advertising a Request for Proposals (RFP) to acquire an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system and related products, software, and services (collectively, the “System”), for all of its approximately 325,000 water meters. Charlotte Water is issuing a separate RFP for the labor to install the AMI system. Charlotte Water intends for the successful vendor of this solicitation to be the prime contractor for the entire project to install an AMI system, utilizing the successful proposer of the AMI Installation RFP as a sub-contractor under one agreement with Charlotte Water. This will allow Charlotte Water to evaluate AMI Vendors separate from Installation Companies and make selections of the Vendor and the Installer independently.

The basic components of the System sought by Charlotte Water include the following:

  • Water meters equipped with AMI meter interface units (MIUs) to replace all existing residential water meters
  • Meter interface units, or “MIUs” capable of encoding, storing and transmitting meter reading and other data, such as tampering alerts
  • A Charlotte Water-dedicated network or non-Charlotte Water-dedicated communications service to collect and transport meter reading and other information from the MIUs to a Head End System (HES)
  • Handheld devices and software necessary to program and/or initialize the MIUs
  • HES to collect, store, and manage the data which is delivered through the network
  • A meter data management system (MDMS) that can store meter reads and consumption data and allow that data to be queried, exported and summarized, and from which standard reports can be generated
  • A customer web portal to display interval consumption data and other meter-related information
  • The design, installation and testing of information interfaces between the AMI system’s software components and Charlotte Water’s customer information system (CIS) and other systems, such as its field work order system
  • All related documentation, including technical manuals and operating procedures
  • Training of Charlotte Water’s employees in MIU maintenance, diagnosis and troubleshooting, as well as system use, operation and maintenance
  • Shipping and managing the inventory of AMI equipment during the course of project deployment
  • Where appropriate, installation of fixed data collection units, including the communications links between those collection units and the HES
  • Provision of all necessary radio licenses, firmware, third party software or operating systems to ensure a complete and working system
  • Satisfactory testing of all software, hardware and procedures prior to the deployment of the system according to the system testing and acceptance process set forth in the contract, and satisfactory testing of system performance at the completion of the project or at major milestones