Electrical Services

The City of Charlotte is soliciting proposals from qualified companies to provide as-needed electrical services for more than 200 municipal facilities, structures, and other assets. The city’s facilities require continuous electrical services, which range from standard maintenance to minor renovation projects and repairs. Currently, the city’s facilities include electrical service amperages from 100 to 4,000, and 120/208V and 277/480V.

The majority of electrical service requests will require initial field investigation and material/labor options, which include but are not limited to the following:

• Reviewing existing materials, electrical drawings, reports, and existing infrastructure in the facility;
• Reviewing/discussing the requested service(s) scope;
• Developing a quote for labor and/or product costs and review with city staff;
• Providing construction estimates, detailed specifications, and construction implementation schedules,
• Producing “as-built” changes to existing electrical drawings.

Interested companies must display extensive expertise with light commercial and heavy commercial installations. Some electrical services for city facilities may require expertise with industrial installations. Additionally, some projects will require installation, maintenance, and related unspecified services of electric vehicle support equipment. The city reserves the right to select more than one company for award and assign projects based on the capability of the company.

Nuisance Abatement Services

Contractors are hired to abate nuisance violations when property owners fail to comply after legal notice. The services may include mowing tall weeds & grass; removing debris or yard waste; boarding up vacant structures; or removing graffiti.

Snow Removal of Aviation Parking Lots, Bus Shelters, and Bus Lanes

Provide snow removal in the bus lanes located in Long Term 1 and 2 parking lots, Daily North parking lot, and employee 1 and 4 parking lots.  The contractor will use a skid steer type piece of equipment with a snow-plow blade.  the bus lanes will be plowed keeping them free from of snow and ice,

Trained Canine Services for Airport Wildlife Management

The airport currently manages a contract in which at least one (1) working dog and handler patrol five (5) airport owned sites three (3) times a week at random with option for additional on-call services if necessary.  Dog and handler are tasked with dispersing birds (with an emphasis on large birds hazardous to safe aircraft operations, including, but not limited to, waterfowl and wading birds) from each site.

CLT is looking for a flexible solution with a vendor offering working dog and handler services for wildlife/bird management but on a non-scheduled/as needed/on-call basis.  The airport will be responsible for contacting the vendor when services are needed and arranging scope in terms of location of work and duration needed.  Vendor will need to respond and provide services within 24 hours of contact unless agreed upon otherwise.  Work may be conducted on a busy airfield environment, therefore CLT requires prospective vendors must have prior experience working on an airport environment.

Temporary Traffic Control Services

The services generally consists of as-needed temporary traffic control services including the rental of arrow signs and portable changeable message signs (PSMS) for scheduled and emergency infrastructure maintenance and for other events requiring the diversion of traffic, lane closures or notice to the public.  This includes the placement and removal of traffic control devices by qualified personnel as well as the flagging of traffic.  This will include all materials, equipment, and labor necessary to safely route traffic through CDOT work zones or special event areas.

Terrazzo Maintenance

The scope of this contract shall be to provide Terrazzo Maintenance Services at various locations on the airport’s property.  The services include, but are not limited to, labor, supervision, materials, equipment, chemicals, supplies, and incidentals for complete terrazzo maintenance services at the following locations on airport property: CLT Airport Main Terminal, the Old Terminal, and Express Deck 1. All work is to be performed between 9:30 PM – 5:30 AM, 7 days a week.

To create and maintain an appearance of a “world-class facility” by daily maintenance and cleaning of an estimated 500,000 square feet of Terrazzo flooring to provide a functional and safe experience for 51 million plus annual passengers.





FY23-26 High Perfomance Industrial Coatings Program

Services for concrete rehabilitative services for water treatment and wastewater treatment plants. Multiple contracts may be awarded for rehabilitative high performance industrial coating services on multiple assets across Charlotte Water facilities based on need.

Airport Offsite Composting

The scope of the proposed contract shall be to provide offsite composting services for the Airport (CLT).

Lab Sample and Mail Courier Services

Charlotte Water is seeking a company to perform courier services for interoffice mail and laboratory samples between Charlotte Water and other city building locations.  Both services will be scheduled but may also be required on an as-needed basis.  Laboratory samples will include water and wastewater products, and the transporting equipment may weigh up to approximately 50 pounds.