Water Treatment Chemical Services

The scope of this contract shall be to provide water treatment chemicals
and to furnish all professional services and expertise to operate a water treatment chemical program

BL TPSS Refresh

The current Blue Line (BL) Traction Power Substations eight (8) were put in service 16 years ago on November 4th, 2007. The manufacturer of the Traction Power Substations has closed their facility and no longer manufactures Traction Power Substations or the electrical components assembled in-house. MOW has exhausted the in-house spare parts to maintain the system, which is obsolete. An agreement with Utah Transit Authority (UTA) and MOW was arranged for the parts used in their current system to be shipped identical to CATS BL substations (as a stop-gap), which are still in serviceable condition. The first set of the parts was delivered to CATS in April 2023 and will continue until UTA has completed the mid-life overhaul of their Traction Power Substations.

The substations and BL equipment are overdue for the mid-life refresh requirement. The MOW department is focused on upgrading and refreshing the DC Switchgear of the BL substations. The remainder of the equipment can be purchased and replaced as the AC Switchgear, Transformer, and Auxiliary equipment manufacturers are still available or swapped out with an equal piece of equipment or component without necessary modification to the substation.


MOW’s goal is to rehabilitate the BL Traction Power Substations to extend their useful life and provide increased system integrity and revenue service reliability with upgraded switchgear. Another goal of this project is to upgrade and modernize the substations’ communication capabilities and integrate SCADA points from the substations to the CATS head-end SCADA system, which will mirror the Blue Line Extension Substations so that the two systems operate the same. Secheron Hasler Group is the original equipment manufacturer of the selected DC Switchgear and will be providing the parts. A sole source solicitation waiver will be required.


PSR 1697

Housing Counseling and Education Services

The City is seeking U.S. Department of housing and Urban Development (HUD) certified agencies to provide housing counseling and education services to prospective home buyers and homeowners. The companies will provide various types of counseling and education services to first-time home buyers and homeowners, including pre-purchase education, pre-closing education, post-home ownership counseling, individual financial counseling, and foreclosure prevention counseling.

CMPD Workload Analysis Services

The Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department (“CMPD”) staffs a large number of units and divisions with unique work responsibilities.  This Contract pertains to conducting a Workload Analysis for a minimum of two to three units/divisions per year depending on the size and scope of work for each. CMPD will request work through Task Orders containing specific scopes of work. The Company shall provide the total work hours required to complete the work defined in each Task Order. Final cost for each Task Order will be based on the proposed work hours and the hourly rate awarded under this Contract.

Hydraulic Modeling and Baseline Capacity Analysis Update

The purpose of this work is to provide modeling support to Charlotte Water (CLTWater) for the Capacity Assurance Program. The tasks involved include updating models for specific basins, revising baseline available capacities for those same basins, conducting individual capacity analyses as directed by CLTWater, and providing additional support services.

Flow Monitoring Services

This project involves providing sewer flow monitoring services and rain measurement at both temporary and permanent locations.
It encompasses the deployment, maintenance, and retrieval of flow monitoring and rain gauge equipment. Qualified professionals are needed to evaluate the flow monitoring data.
Overall, the project aims to enhance monitoring accuracy and efficiency.

Field Surveying Services (Geographic Information Systems Group and Capacity Assurance Program)

This opportunity involves providing survey services to support Charlotte Water’s GIS and Capacity Assurance Programs, including the following tasks:

Review available data and consult with the City to clarify and define the City’s requirements.
Obtain necessary information, conduct investigations, and make reasonable efforts for the Surveyor to become familiar with the philosophy and purpose of each project.
Identify and analyze requirements from governmental authorities with jurisdiction and assist the City in obtaining the required approvals.

Window Washing

The scope of this contract shall be to provide window cleaning services (“Work”) through the Airport’s main terminal, business valet parking decks, daily parking decks, hourly parking deck, old terminal and ramp tower. Work will include interior and exterior window cleaning on an “on-call” basis.

Building Management Systems

CLT is seeking proposals from qualified and experienced companies interested in maintaining existing or providing a Building Management Systems to monitor access control, cameras, HVAC and fire detection at the main Terminal, old Terminal building and at the CLT