Solid Waste Services Master Plan – Advance Planning

The project is a study of the current City of Charlotte Solid Waste collection process, the existing facilities for the processing of solid waste, and future needs that include providing strategic locations for additional facilities. The consultant needs to be able to make recommendations as well as have the resources to design a facility.

The selected firm will review the Solid Waste collection process and develop a master plan for how services should be provided throughout the City of Charlotte. This will include identifying possible locations for facilities, the make-up of facilities, and co-location opportunities with other new or existing City facilities.


Professional Engineering Services for Minor Storm Drainage Projects

Storm Water Services is soliciting Statement of Qualifications from a qualified engineering companies to provide an engineered solution for various drainage issues in an existing conditions environment where existing drainage systems have failed or flooding conditions have developed and require improvement, replacement, rehabilitation, or repair treatments that meet City practices and standards. This includes, but is not limited to, initial assessment of the existing condition, concept plan development, preparation of design plans, calculations, construction estimates, bidding documents, and other items necessary to resolve reported drainage issues. In addition, participation and attendance may be required for utility coordination meetings, preconstruction meetings, construction warranty observation field meetings at 6 and 11 months intervals, and other meetings necessary to deliver each engineered solution, and address redlined comment.

River District Firehouse – Phase 1

Scope Statement: CFD plans to build a temporary firehouse for the newly developed River District to manage response volumes in the area. The firehouse will be located on Dixie River Road, near the future Catawba Crossing, on parcel number 14128101.

The Phase 1 facility will be (1) triple wide trailer to house the firemen and a pre-engineered building to serve as an apparatus bay to house the fire engine and emergency equipment.

This location and site selection meets the City of Charlotte Policy for Sustainable City Facilities and Charlotte Fire Department Facilities Master Plan.

RFQ-Consulting Engineering Services

This Request for Qualifications is to select several firms to provide consulting engineering services on a task order on-call basis.

Generally, the Engineer will provide consulting services that may include planning, design, environmental, and construction administration. In addition, the Engineer may be asked to assist in the development of grant application as well as agreements including federal funding.

McAlpine Preliminary and Primary Treatment Reliability

This project provides design services to Charlotte Water. The project involves rehabilitation of Preliminary and Primary Treatment Facilities. Facilities generally include headworks, flow equalization basins, primary clarifiers, and gravity thickeners. A facilities evaluation, conducted by the design team, will determine the final scope of work.

ITS Design Services On-Call

This request is to contract with professional engineering consulting firms to provide professional engineering services for Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) projects. These projects are part of Charlotte Department of Transportation’s (CDOT) ITS Master Plan and are critical in their efforts to upgrade and expand the traffic signal system network in the city. The professional services include but are not limited to development of fiber optic cable routing plans, utility make-ready plans, fiber optic cable splice details, traffic surveillance cameras, engineered project specifications, and construction cost estimates. The services may also include developing traffic signal plans per CDOT and NCDOT standards, coordination of the utility make-ready work and assistance with the project administration and inspection during construction. The services may also include grant consulting services that may range from developing proposals, overseeing implementation and performing construction administration and inspection per state and federal guidelines and standards. These contracts may have local, state, or federal funding.

Design of Bridge Repairs

Based on repair needs identified in Inspection Reports, the Consultant shall prepare technical plans and specifications (“Construction Documents”) for the required repairs to the City’s bridges. The Consultant shall prepare two (2) bid documents (including one for guardrail work) that shall include the technical
plans and specifications for the bid packages for each bridge, as well as bid information/requirements for potential contractors. The Consultant shall plan completion dates for each bridge so that all bridge repairs will be completed by the contractor before the beginning of the next inspection cycle.

FY24-FY25 Various Storm Water Improvement Project

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services will be requesting proposals from qualified companies interested in providing Professional Engineering Services for Various Storm Water Services Projects. The selected firm/s will use HEC-HMS, HEC-RAS, SWMM, and/or a hydraulic grade line closed system computer model, or an approved alternative method, and all methods will be per the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Design Manual. The city’s then-current AutoCAD standards will be used to produce all plans and profiles. The selected company(ies) may be required to pursue stream restoration and enhancement for mitigation credit per NCDEQ and USACE requirements, where appropriate.

Project descriptions for all three Scopes of Services will be found within the solicitation document. The projects are anticipated to be assigned and initiated under each Scope of Services but are subject to change based on future Capital Improvement Project priorities and funding.

Dukes Reliability and Residuals

This will be a request for qualification for Design Services. The project scope includes; new clarifier, new thickener, filter replacement, electric and piping upgrades, etc. Anticipated 16 month design with 20 month construction.