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Professional Engineering Services for Minor Storm Drainage Projects


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Posting Number 2024-Q1(Jan-Mar)-CSWS-14424

Anticipated Posting Date 2024-03-27

Commodity Code(s): 74505, 91200, 91345, 91842, 92500

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Storm Water Services is soliciting Statement of Qualifications from a qualified engineering companies to provide an engineered solution for various drainage issues in an existing conditions environment where existing drainage systems have failed or flooding conditions have developed and require improvement, replacement, rehabilitation, or repair treatments that meet City practices and standards. This includes, but is not limited to, initial assessment of the existing condition, concept plan development, preparation of design plans, calculations, construction estimates, bidding documents, and other items necessary to resolve reported drainage issues. In addition, participation and attendance may be required for utility coordination meetings, preconstruction meetings, construction warranty observation field meetings at 6 and 11 months intervals, and other meetings necessary to deliver each engineered solution, and address redlined comment.


Last Updated: 04/02/24
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Special Notes

The City intends to negotiate utilization for MWSBE Subcontracting Goals with the selected Company(ies).

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