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Yorkmont Road & Taxiway Bridge – Construction


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Posting Number 2021-Q2(Apr-Jun)-AVI-3102

Anticipated Posting Date 2021-04-16

Commodity Code(s): 91310

Solicitation Link: https://bidders.e-builder.net/landing?bidpackageid=7d59d29b-daac-4cbb-b03a-6ee24e5ce09b

This is the second of three bid packages for the Deicing Pad, Taxiway Foxtrot (TXWY F) Extension, and South Crossfield Taxiway (South Cross Field ) program.  This project is compromised of the realignment of Yorkmont Road including a roundabout which is necessitated by and including the construction of an aircraft taxiway bridge over Yorkmont Road.


Last Updated: 05/13/21
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Gary Peeples

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