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Posting Number 2022-Q3(Jul-Sep)-CATS-8687

Anticipated Posting Date 2022-07-19

Commodity Code(s): 90568, 91893, 96147, 99000, 99005, 99010, 99018, 99022, 99025, 99027, 99028, 99029, 99030, 99031, 99032, 99033, 99036, 99037, 99038, 99041, 99042, 99043, 99046, 99048, 99049, 99050, 99052, 99057, 99058, 99060, 99067, 99068, 99070, 99075, 99077, 99078, 99079, 99080, 99090

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This PSR is to put CATS’ Police/Security contract out for solicitation. Police/Security services will be separated with the intent to utilize two separate vendors that will work seamlessly in collaboration with one another. One vendor will be contracted for Police, Dispatchers, and Security Guards with Tasers while the other vendor will be contracted for just Security Guards. This contract will be for three (3) years and two (2) one-year options totaling 5 years. Officers will perform all duties listed in the Scope of Duty which describes Police/Security coverage on all rail systems, rolling stock, facilities, and properties owned or operated by CATS. The vendor with police officers will have a total of 210,080 hours and the second vendor with just security guards will have a total of 91,520 giving the grand total between both contracts 301,600 hours per year.

PSR 1332


Last Updated: 07/22/22
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