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Trained Canine Services for Airport Wildlife Management


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Posting Number 2023-Q3(Jul-Sep)-AVI-12678

Anticipated Posting Date 2023-09-05

Commodity Code(s): 91059

The airport currently manages a contract in which at least one (1) working dog and handler patrol five (5) airport owned sites three (3) times a week at random with option for additional on-call services if necessary.  Dog and handler are tasked with dispersing birds (with an emphasis on large birds hazardous to safe aircraft operations, including, but not limited to, waterfowl and wading birds) from each site.

CLT is looking for a flexible solution with a vendor offering working dog and handler services for wildlife/bird management but on a non-scheduled/as needed/on-call basis.  The airport will be responsible for contacting the vendor when services are needed and arranging scope in terms of location of work and duration needed.  Vendor will need to respond and provide services within 24 hours of contact unless agreed upon otherwise.  Work may be conducted on a busy airfield environment, therefore CLT requires prospective vendors must have prior experience working on an airport environment.


Last Updated: 09/12/23
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