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Storm Water Repair and Improvement FY2023-E


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Posting Number 2022-Q3(Jul-Sep)-CSWS-9048

Anticipated Posting Date 2022-08-16

Commodity Code(s): 74505, 91200, 91244, 91345, 92912, 92915

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Work performed under this contract will consist of storm water infrastructure repair and improvement projects within the city limits of Charlotte, NC.  Work will involve: mobilization, earthwork, drainage structures,  storm drain pipe systems, and channels.   Additional work will include: working over, under, near, and around existing private utilities, asphalt paving concrete flatwork, landscaping, and any associated work required by the Engineer.  Other work may include structural foundation protection, storm water pipe lining, storm water pipe joint and structure repair, water and sewer (relocations, installations and adjustments).  Storm Water maintenance work may be located entirely within the street right-of-way.


Last Updated: 09/06/22
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