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Rollout Cart Maintenance & Repair Contract – CANCELLED


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Posting Number 2020-Q1(Jan-Mar)-SWS-1355

Anticipated Posting Date 2020-03-31

Commodity Code(s): 96200, 96258

SWS has an estimated population of 95 or 96 gallon rollout containers in excess of 450,000 distributed throughout the City. Maintenance and repair of these assets are necessary for efficient and effective service delivery to the City’s curbside refuse and recycling collection services. Residents may request cart repair and/or replacement as serviced by the selected provider. The provider must maintain a minimum inventory of rollout carts (both refuse and recycling) as provided by the City’s cart manufacturer to meet service level expectations of the City. The provider works within the City’s asset management tools to maintain assets and work orders. The provider must inventory parts and service all rollout containers regardless of manufacturer.


Last Updated: 01/05/21
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