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Progressive Design-Build Services for Mallard Creek Interceptor Improvement Project – Phase 1 and Phase 2


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Posting Number 2021-Q2(Apr-Jun)-CW-5704

Anticipated Posting Date 2021-05-14

Commodity Code(s): 91200, 91359

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Charlotte Water (CLTWater) is seeking Progressive Design-Build services to assist with the analysis, design and construction of the Mallard Creek Interceptor Improvement Project – Phase 1 and 2 (Project). Proposers need to assemble a team of experts including at a design, survey, geotechnical, environmental, permitting, pre/post blasting surveys and related seismic monitoring, real estate acquisition including appraisal and legal, and communication experts and construction contractors.

The Mallard Creek Basin service area consists mainly of residential zoning, with increasing commercial development around the new Blue Line Extension, UNC Charlotte, and the University Research Park. Infrastructure improvements are needed, not only to support current flows and maintain required service levels within the Mallard Creek Basin, but to also keep pace with the rapid growth and development. Hydraulic modelling conducted for the Mallard Creek Basin indicated that the Mallard Creek interceptor is currently capacity limited under two-year peak flow conditions. Future population and flow projections further suggested that flows in the basin would likely grow about 20 percent every 10 years. Per Charlotte Water’s Capacity Assurance Program (CAP), for the purposes of accepting new connections, adequate capacity exists when the sanitary sewer system can convey flows at a 2-year Level of Service (LOS) between the point of connection and the wastewater treatment plant without excessive surcharge, while future enhancements are sized for the 10-year peak flow condition.


Last Updated: 06/04/21
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