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Median Object Markers – Re-Bid


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Posting Number 2022-Q3(Jul-Sep)-CDT-8934

Anticipated Posting Date 2022-08-23

Commodity Code(s): 55000, 55012, 55022, 55028, 55041, 55042, 55079

Solicitation Link:

Median Object Markers are installed throughout the City by the Charlotte Department of Transportation (CDOT).   These markers give clear indications of separations of lanes and the location of roadway medians on City streets.  The markers are bolted into asphalt or concrete to assist with traffic flow by providing clarity of lane locations in highly congested areas for both daytime and nighttime driving.

The solicitation is to establish a contract to purchase the Median Object Markers and the necessary hardware, for two years with the option to renew for three additional one-year terms.


Last Updated: 08/23/22
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