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HVAC Air Filters


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Posting Number 2023-Q4(Oct-Dec)-AVI-13338

Anticipated Posting Date 2023-12-06

Commodity Code(s): 03100

Solicitation Link: https://www.charlottenc.gov/Growth-and-Development/Doing-Business/Contract-Opportunities/CLT-HVAC-AIR-FILTERS?transfer=ead0a06e-7aab-4e71-9557-3955ff58a1a8

The scope of this contract shall be to provide air filtration products as described and to perform quarterly changes of these air filtration products for the air handling units which condition the air for the main terminal building, five concourses and the CLT Center. This contract is not federally funded. The potential to add and/or remove units due to construction or other purposes will be requested as needed.


Last Updated: 12/07/23
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