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FY24 Water and Sewer Service Dismantlement


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Posting Number 2023-Q3(Jul-Sep)-CW-12186

Anticipated Posting Date 2023-09-25

Commodity Code(s): 91200, 91345

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This project will consist of dismantling water and sewer service connections that are requested by customers. This contract will dismantle water services up to 12″ in diameter and sewer services up to 8″ in diameter.

Sanitary sewer service dismantlement’s involve cutting and plugging the existing service lateral pipe at the sanitary sewer main or manhole to help control and limit unnecessary sewer system infiltration. Charlotte Water expects the majority of these dismantlement requests to be in areas of
the county where infrastructure pre-dates any locatable requirements including tracer wire, ductile iron or cast iron pipe.


Last Updated: 09/27/23
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