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Fiscal Year 22 Water Main Rehabilitation


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Posting Number 2021-Q4(Oct-Dec)-CW-7225

Anticipated Posting Date 2021-11-19

Commodity Code(s): 65800, 91319, 91347, 91356, 91360, 91392, 91396, 91430, 96239, 96291, 96863, 96884

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This project will clean and apply a polymer coating to the interior walls of old, but still structurally sound cast iron water mains.  Also included is the replacement of all valves, hydrants, and galvanized service lines associated with each project.  The work completed in this contract will improve water quality and flow in the distribution system; consists of an undetermined number of individual projects consisting of water infrastructure rehabilitation; and/or replacements, which will be assigned by the Project Engineer.


Last Updated: 12/02/21
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