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Engineering Consultant Services-East West Station


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Posting Number 2021-Q3(Jul-Sep)-CATS-5570

Anticipated Posting Date 2021-08-01

Commodity Code(s): 91842, 92536

Provide engineering support services for the modification of OCS equipment in the East/West Station area as part of an adjacent development agreement. Because of the developer’s expedited schedule, we need a contract for immediate assistance.

CATS Blue Line OCS retrofit at East/West Station Scope of Service


The intent of this scope is to provide CATS with owner’s representative services in facilitating oversight for the retrofitting of OCS equipment in the East/West Station platform area as a result of adjacent development project.


  1. Scope of Work:
  • Develop a framework of deliverables for required engineering documents from developer.
  • Provide developer with design standards and guidelines for proposed OCS equipment.
  • Review developer submitted engineering documents and plans (90% and conformed plans) to ensure compliance with CATS O&M procedures and design criteria as well as industry guidelines and standards:
    1. OCS Plan Sheets review
    2. Review Specifications for OCS equipment
    3. Construction schedule, staging and phasing plan review
    4. Review OCS loading conditions for any new or temporary infrastructure
    5. Provide feedback/input regarding OCS equipment maintenance
    6. Provide feedback/input regarding maintenance agreement with building owner
    7. Provide feedback/input regarding developer agreement and exhibits
  • Review OCS structural attachment to building
  • Review pedestrian loading and egress impacts due to the proposed development
  • Attend meetings
  • Support during construction


  1. Assumptions:
  • The developer will provide all necessary documents to perform a thorough review of the proposed modifications.
  • Design phase duration of 1 years.
  • CATS will have final approval for any and all OCS work.
  • 10 meetings during design phase.
  • Support during construction dependent on funding availability.


  1. Schedule:

Review period of 2 weeks from the time of receipt of any documents.

PSR 1130


Last Updated: 10/19/21
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