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Elevator Maintenance and Repair Services


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Posting Number 2022-Q4(Oct-Dec)-CTW-10047

Anticipated Posting Date 2022-12-12

Commodity Code(s): 29500, 29540, 29548, 29570, 91013, eleva

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The selected Company will maintain elevator units using trained personnel. The maintenance will include inspection, lubrication, adjustment, and if conditions or usage warrant, repair or replacement of the following parts:

(a) Controller parts, selectors and dispatching equipment, relays, solid-state components, transducers, resistors, condensers, power amplifiers, transformers, contracts, leads, dashpots, timing devices, computer and microcomputer devices, steel selector tapes, mechanical and electrical driving equipment, signal lamps, and position indicating equipment.

(b) Door operators, car door hangers, car door contacts, door protective devices, load weighing equipment, car frames, car safety mechanisms, platforms, car and counterweight guide shoes including rollers and gibs, and emergency car lighting.

(c) Hoistway door interlocks and hangers, bottom door guides, and auxiliary door closing devices.

(d) Machines, worms, gears, thrust bearings, drive sheaves, drive sheave shaft bearings, brake pulleys, brake coils, contacts, linings, and component parts.

(e) Motors, motor generators, motor windings, rotating elements, commutators, brushes, brush holders, and bearings.

(f) Governor Components, governor sheaves and shaft assemblies, bearings, contacts, governor jaws, deflector or secondary sheaves, car and counterweight buffers, car and counterweight guide rails, car and counterweight sheave assemblies, top and bottom limit switches, governor tension sheave assemblies, and compensating sheave assemblies.

(g) Pumps, pump motors, operating valves, valve motors, leveling valves, plunger packings, exposed piping, above ground plungers and cylinders, and hydraulic fluid tanks.

(h) Escalator handrails, handrail drive chains, handrail brush guards, handrail guide rollers, alignment devices, steps, step treads, step wheels, step chains, step axle bushings, comb plates, floor plates, tracks, external gearing, and drive chains.

(i) Escalator upper drives, upper drive bearings, tension sprocket bearings, upper newel bearings, demarcation lights, and comb lights.

In addition, the Company may be asked to replace all wire ropes or coated steel belts as often as necessary to maintain an appropriate level of safety. This may also include equalizing the tension on hoisting ropes, resocketing ropes for drum machines, and repairing or replacing conductor cables, hoistway, and machine-room elevator wiring.

The selected Company will provide the City with 24-hour,  year-round services to ensure that all emergency needs are immediately met.


Last Updated: 01/03/23
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