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Customer Experience/Internal Culture/Leadership Training Work


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Posting Number 2023-Q2(Apr-Jun)-CATS-10619

Anticipated Posting Date 2023-05-05

Commodity Code(s): 91821, 91832

This project is part of the assessment the city manager had completed previously. The assessment findings gave objectives to CATS as a part of the next steps. The scope of work below outlines the steps we will take to meet some of these objectives.

Scope of work:
CATS is looking to do internal and external work with employees and riders. Below are detailed areas of focus we are looking to address.

Customer Experience:
A customer experience action statement to be created by staff in focus groups
Pillars of our customer experience- “The How.”
Never and always non-negotiable standards
Launch support of the program
Training program for onboarding new staff and contractors
Video script- day in the life of riders (3)
Project launch across the department
Public relations support for launch- press release, social media, etc.
Six months of project support

Internal Culture
Focus groups across the department to set a baseline and create the program
Roadmap to breaking down silos across the department
Interdepartmental teamwork with a focus on compassion and empathy
Roadmap to handoffs between departments
Understanding how your work impacts other
Understand the internal customer
Improvement of communications
Training program for onboarding new staff and contractors
Video script- day in the life of colleagues (3)
Project launch across the department
Six months of project support

Leadership/Train the Leader
Create the employee experience manual with leadership
Roadmap to increase morale and lower turnover
Leadership training program for leadership
Project launch with leadership

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Last Updated: 06/23/23
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