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Posting Number 2020-Q4(Oct-Dec)-CW-2778

Anticipated Posting Date 2020-10-21

Commodity Code(s): 95877, 95895

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Charlotte Water (CLTWater) is seeking qualified Company or Companies in Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) to provide AMI Solution Consulting and Program Management services.

The Solution Consultant shall design an AMI Solution and provide reports, contracts, and other documentation to implement an AMI Solution. The Program Manager will ensure that all contractors/vendors adhere to contractual requirements and perform quality work. The Program Manager shall also validate that all AMI project objectives identified in the AMI-Assessment Report are achieved at the end of the project for CLTWater.


Last Updated: 05/28/21
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Special Notes

The Subcontracting Goal for this Project has been set at 10% and may be met with MWSBE(s) for Phases 2 and 3. At the time of negotiation of Phase 2 and 3 services and deliverables, the selected Company will be required to submit a Letter of Intent and the MWSBE form attached herein.

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