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Collective Storm Drainage Improvement Projects Series G


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Posting Number 2020-Q4(Oct-Dec)-CSWS-2583

Anticipated Posting Date 2020-10-19

Commodity Code(s): 91345

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This is a collective series storm drainage improvement submittal which contains four (4) separate projects. The projects vary in size and each bring their unique differences. There will be pipe replacement varying in size from 15″- 48″ RCP and 38″x60″ elliptical RCP. Other project replacements include, curb, curb ramp, sidewalk, asphalt, driveways, storm drainage structures and sewer pipe. Project installation includes rip-rap aprons, CIPP liner for a range of pipe from 24″-42″, active shoring, storm drainage pipe and storm drainage structures. Some 24″ RCP will be plugged and filled with excavatable flowable fill.


Last Updated: 06/04/21
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