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Posting Number 2022-Q3(Jul-Sep)-CSWS-8987

Anticipated Posting Date 2022-07-18

Commodity Code(s): 91063, 91200, 91384, 92691, 96292, 96873

Solicitation Link:

The objective of this RFP is to solicit proposals for chemical grouting and pipe lining services.

The company shall provide chemical grouting and cured in place pipe lining at various public and private locations as needed within the City of Charlotte.  The services included are but not limited to:

    • Chemical grouting, and cured in place pipe lining
      • Provide professional consultant service for best practices
      • Provide recommendation on the installation process
      • Provide recommendation during the design and installation phase of the project
      • Provide professional representation during the design and installation of the project
    • Installation process
      • Shall be able to install chemical grouting, and cured in place pipe lining
      • Shall be able to remove and replace
        • Storm drainage structures
        • Curb & gutter
        • Asphalt
        • Incidental work to complete the chemical grouting, and cured in place pipe lining


Last Updated: 09/21/22
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Johnella Walker

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