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Charlotte Police and Fire Training Academy – Control System Replacement


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Posting Number 2021-Q3(Jul-Sep)-DGS-6527

Anticipated Posting Date 2021-09-13

Commodity Code(s): 90608

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This Project involves work in an existing 2‐story Training Facility totaling 108,000 sqf. The work consists of replacing an existing 20‐year old control system with a new BACnet control system integrated with the City’s existing iVu display system in a seamless manor as described on the plans. Additionally, all of the existing (9) AHUs will have both CHW Control Valves and HW Control Valves replaced with new “Energy Valves”, new OA Dampers and Relief  Dampers with actuators. Various other System Relief dampers and actuators are also to be replaced. RA Dampers on the AHUs will all be provided with new Actuators. All of the HW valves at each Fan Powered VAV Terminals are to be replaced with new Smart, Pressure Independent valves as described on the plans.


Last Updated: 09/13/21
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