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Posting Number 2024-Q1(Jan-Mar)-CFD-12060

Anticipated Posting Date 2024-01-09

Commodity Code(s): 19314, 20142, 25726, 34018, 34530, 34584, 46511, 46523, 46548, 46588, 47509, 47537, 47562, 47565, 47566, 47567, 47568, 47577, 47584, 47585

The Charlotte Fire Department (CFD) provides EMS- First Responder emergency services from 43 fire stations. Various supplies are needed to provide first responders with medical aid and basic life support. Supplies include but are not limited to, bandages, airway devices, EMS gloves, splints, OB kits, stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs, EMS equipment bags, etc.

The scope of this Invitation to Bid (ITB) will be to establish a contract for the purchase and delivery of EMS Supplies and other inherently related activities of the Products and Services in compliance with the specifications and terms and conditions outlined in this ITB.

All Products and component parts furnished under the solicitation shall be new, shall comply with the specifications and terms and conditions outlined in the ITB, and shall operate in full compliance with the Specifications.


Last Updated: 04/10/24
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