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CATS Class and Compensation Study


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Posting Number 2023-Q4(Oct-Dec)-CATS-12706

Anticipated Posting Date 2023-11-04

Commodity Code(s): 95277, 95670

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CATS is seeking a contractor to perform a comprehensive evaluation of all positions within the CATS pay structure of the organization. The study objectives are as follows:

      • Ensure positions with similar nature and complexity of work are appropriately classified within the proposed base pay hierarchy.
      • Provide salary recommendations that align with position responsibilities.
      • Provide career pathway recommendations that provide opportunities for compensation growth.
      • Provide pay differentials between classifications that are justifiable.
      • Maintain a competitive position with the external market while recognizing internal job worth hierarchies.

    – Classification Alignment: Ensure that all positions with similar job nature and complexity are correctly categorized within the proposed base pay hierarchy.
    – Salary Alignment: Offer salary recommendations that are in line with the respective responsibilities of each position.
    – Career Progression: Recommend career pathways that facilitate opportunities for compensation growth for our employees.
    – Justifiable Pay Differentials: Establish pay differentials between job classifications that are well-founded and reasonable.
    – Market Competitiveness: Maintain our competitive standing in the external job market while simultaneously acknowledging the internal hierarchy of job worth within our organization.

    By engaging a qualified contractor to carry out this evaluation, CATS aims to optimize our compensation practices, ensuring fairness, competitiveness, and alignment with industry standards and internal structures.

    The CATS Project Manager will furnish the Contractor with all necessary documentation, including pay ranges, job classifications, and any other pertinent information essential for the completion of the study.

    PSR # 1595


Last Updated: 11/09/23
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