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CATS III 300K Truck Overhaul – CANCELLED


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Posting Number 2023-Q1(Jan-Mar)-CATS-10597

Anticipated Posting Date 2023-03-20

Commodity Code(s): 55915, 6061, 92823

CATS III 300K TRUCK OVERHAUL-The vehicle’s system has reached the recommended maintenance intervals for performance. This project will accomplish the original equipment manufacturer requirements for the truck, hydraulic and braking portion of the OEM recommendations. The RCM department will support the Truck Overhaul project by removing and preparing for the shipment of the selected equipment. The Rail Inventory department will coordinate the shipment to the selected vendors for overhauls. The contracted vendor will perform the required maintenance to specifications and meet all the OEM standards.

Scope Statement:

The selected contractor will manage the complete project, which includes performing the truck equipment overhaul and serving as the contact for overhauling the Braking and Hydraulic equipment. The S70 Truck overhaul requires that the truck, hydraulic, and braking equipment systems be repaired per the OEM specifications.

From the Notice to Proceed (NTP), the vendor will order the equipment for the overhaul. The selected contractor will be required to overhaul, remove and replace/upgrade all identified equipment by the OEM. The contractor must pick up the prototype or the first set of trucks, perform the overhaul, and return each set of LRV equipment. Then according to the specified start schedule, the first car set, which comprises three trucks, will be picked up from the CATS facility and delivered to the contractor’s facility for overhaul.

The overhaul duration of the first and second trucks will be determined via RFP responses. It will include the delivery schedule upon receiving the RFP to include door-to-door pickup and delivery of all overhauled LRV equipment.

PSR # 1442


Last Updated: 04/07/23
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