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Biosolids Thermal Hydrolysis Process Design Build Project


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Posting Number 2022-Q2(Apr-Jun)-CW-7926

Anticipated Posting Date 2022-04-19

Commodity Code(s): 91200, 91359, 91360, 91389

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Charlotte Water intends to implement the Thermal Hydrolysis Process (THP) and other biosolids treatment improvements at the McAlpine Creek Wastewater Management Facility (WWMF) utilizing the Progressive-Design-Build delivery method to create a sustainable, regionalized, diversified, and resilient biosolids management program. The project will include the design and construction of multiple facilities at the McAlpine Creek WWMF including a Pre-Dewatering building with associated process equipment, screened sludge storage tanks, THP systems as furnished by CAMBI, improvements to the existing anaerobic digester complex including steam boilers, replacement odor control facility, sidestream deammonification treatment, electrical distribution system improvements, and other ancillary components.


Last Updated: 04/20/22
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