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Airfield Wind Cone Replacement (Informal Bid)


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Posting Number 2022-Q1(Jan-Mar)-AVI-7766

Anticipated Posting Date 2022-02-08

Commodity Code(s): 03545, 03582, 91240, 91430, taxiw

Solicitation Link: https://bidders.e-builder.net/landing?bidpackageid=f7d7eb6a-dd13-479c-ad53-2ef8915a569f

The purpose of this project to remove four (4) existing wind cones located at the north and south ends of airfield at Charlotte Douglas International Airport and install four (4) new wind cones, provided by the Airport. Contractor is responsible to maintain a safe and clean operation and for security of all material and equipment while on site. Contractor is responsible to repair any items damage caused by work performed while on site. All staff assigned to project are required to be badge in accordance with airport security policy. Staff must properly display badge at all time, on the upper part of body visual to security and official members of the Airport. Any loss, damaged or stolen badges MUST be reported immediately to your airport contract.


Last Updated: 02/09/22
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