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531 Spratt Street Roof Replacement


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Posting Number 2023-Q4(Oct-Dec)-DGS-13360

Anticipated Posting Date 2023-12-04

Commodity Code(s): 14560, 77000

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This work includes the provision of labor, material, equipment, supervision, and administration to integrate the work outlined in these specifications into the total building system such that no leakage into the system occurs. In general, the scope of work in the Base Bid includes Roof Areas A, B, C, D, & E: Remove and dispose of the existing roof system including flashings and sheet metal down to the existing steel deck. Secure the existing steel deck to structural framing members. Provide roof insulation system as specified in Section 07 22 16 “Roof Insulation”. Provide a cold adhesive applied two-ply modified bitumen roof membrane along with flashings and accessories as specified in Section 07 52 16 “Modified Bitumen Roofing”. Replace sheet metal flashings and trim as specified in Section 07 62 00 “Sheet Metal Flashing and Trim” Provide a complete, watertight, 20-year warrantable roof assembly. Exterior Wall Restoration: Replace through wall flashings at masonry elevation wall above roof level as specified in Section 07 65 00 “Through Wall Flashing”. Provide metal wall panels at elevation wall above roof level as specified in Section 07 42 13 “Metal Wall Panels”.


Last Updated: 12/06/23
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