Mallard Creek NPW/PW System Rehabilitation (Re-bid)

This project will provide maintenance on the Mallard Creek Water Reclamation Facility’s potable and non-potable water systems. Work on this project will include repairs to valves, valve collars, hydrants, and the installation of an 8-inch non-potable water connection line. As part of the project, the existing non-potable water backflow preventer, associated accessories, and FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) enclosure.

On Call Miscellaneous Environmental Services

Charlotte Water’s Engineering division will be seeking proposals from qualified companies interested in providing miscellaneous environmental testing and analysis services.  These services will be on-call and are needed to support various Charlotte Water projects.

Water Quality Report Printing and Mailing Services

​Charlotte Water is seeking a multiyear contract for the printing and mailing of the annual water quality report. The report is mailed annually to every resident in Mecklenburg County using the USPS list (est. 500,000 copies) on specialty paper and adhering to certain other specifications, such as ink type.  Charlotte water will provide a print-ready file to the company.  Timing to perform these services is of the essence, as the report must be mailed by a strict deadline.

Ultrasonic Water Meters

The scope of this Invitation to Bid (ITB) is to establish a contract for the purchase, delivery, and other inherently related activities to procure various sizes of Ultrasonic Water Meters on an as needed basis for Charlotte Water. These meters will be replacing existing water meters with ultrasonic models throughout the Charlotte Water service area.

Utility Rate Model Consulting Service

Provide rate model consulting services utilizing the existing rate model methodology. This consultation will assist Charlotte Water in preparing annual residential and commercial rate recommendations. All reports, data generated, etc. are the sole property of the City of Charlotte.

FY24-26 Engineering Consulting On Call Services

Charlotte Water is soliciting Statements of Qualifications (SOQ) from qualified engineering firms to provide on-call miscellaneous engineering services for various projects.  Charlotte Water is seeking firms whose combination of experience and personnel will provide timely, cost-effective, and quality professional services to support these projects.

Multi-Sensor Inspections

The work consists of all labor, material, and equipment to inspect existing large diameter sewers using Multi-Sensor (Laser/LiDAR), Sonar, and HD Image technology. The MSI deployment shall provide a three-dimensional representation of internal pipe conditions above the flow line using laser/LiDAR measurement and below the flow line using sonar measurement and both combined with HD imaging. The work includes locating manhole using signal transmitting device, processing the MSI data and delivering the results of the processing in a ready to use format.

On Call Stream Restoration and Sanitary Sewer Repair

This project includes stream stabilization and sewer repair at multiple locations within the sanitary sewer collection system. Stream stabilization structures shall be constructed to protect existing and proposed sanitary sewer infrastructure.

Project components include natural in-stream structures, plantings, site grading, sanitary sewer replacement, sheet pile installation, bypass pumping and sediment control measures. Site locations will be released during the contract duration.

The contract is expected to be for a two-year term with possible renewal.

Real Estate Services

Charlotte Water is seeking contracts with companies that will handle land acquisitions and all related services thereto as needed, which is required occasionally and pursuant to the construction of critical water and wastewater infrastructure. Services will include acquisitions, relocations, appraisals, review of appraisals, various legal tasks, and easement offers. The type and amount of work vary per project and thus is unknown until the company reviews each project at the time of assignment.