On-Call Materials Testing

As part of the airfield master plan efforts to repair runways, taxiways, shoulders, and apron materials testing is needed to meet inspection requirements for placement of concrete and asphalt. The project includes inspection sample cores and final data reports for all pavement materials placed on the airfield. All work shall conform to FAA circular requirements.

Asphalt Shoulder Rehabilitation-Phase II

As part of the airfield master plan effort to repair runway and taxiway asphalt shoulders asphalt crack seal and replacement is needed to meet Part-139 FAA requirements. This project will re-construct and repair asphalt shoulders for Runway 18R/36L, Runway 18C/36C, Taxiway’s Echo, Whiskey, and Charlie.
The project includes erosion and sedimentation control, airfield asphalt paving and repair which meet FAA circular requirements.

Portland Cement

The Charlotte Department of Transportation (CDOT), Street Maintenance Division (SMD) is seeking to contract with a vendor(s) to provide Portland Type I/II Cement. All materials provided would be delivered (blow filled into silo or tanker) by the successful Bidder to a specified job site(s) or picked up at the successful Bidder’s plant by city-owned vehicles. 

Portland Cement must meet the following specifications:
AASHTO M 85 for Type I or Type II or ASTM C l 50 Standard Specification for
Portland Cement