CATS MOW Tremont Grade Crossing Gate Mast Relocation FY24 Shutdown

Contractor shall furnish the necessary equipment, traffic control and labor to remove the existing west bound traffic gate and install a new gate per the approved Plans. The Owner (CATS) shall provide the existing cable, gate foundation and new crossing gate, with all appurtenances, to be installed.
Contractor shall:
A. Contractor shall submit a schedule and detailed workplan for approval prior to the start of work.
B. Contractor shall develop, and submit for approval, test procedures and test forms for the new gate and crossing prior to executing field work.
C. Set up approved traffic control to protect the crossing during the Work both vehicle traffic and pedestrian traffic..
D. Remove the existing gate and deliver it to the North Yard Maintenance Facility or other CATS property as directed.
E. Remove all, or a sufficient amount, of the gates’ foundation so as to replace the soil and sidewalk.
F. Contractor shall demolish the sidewalk and excavate for a new gate foundation per approved Plans. Existing conduit shall be intercepted and rerouted into the new foundation. Contractor shall provide the necessary conduit, sweeps, supports, couplings and glue. Existing cable shall be un-landed, tested and terminated for the new gate.
G. Contractor shall remove and install new ADA compliant Truncated Dome.
H. Contractor shall set the new foundation and gate, provided by the Owner, and adjust gate arm length, counterweights, arm lights and light directions per the approved Plans and MUTCD requirements.
I. Contractor shall test the new gate and crossing operation.
J. Contractor shall submit test results for review and approval.

PSR #1476

Park Ave Crossing at Grade Renewal

PSR 1291

Park Avenue Road crossing is experiencing a degraded roadbed infrastructure issue that is affecting the safe passage of pedestrians. If a crossing renewal is not made, the roadbed substructure will continue to degrade which would affect the safe passage of vehicular and LRV traffic. Park Avenue Road crossing is a tub system in which crossing tubs are placed on a graded, compacted roadbed, rails are housed with a concrete insert that secures the rails through the grade crossing.


Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) is the largest Rail Transit System in North Carolina and has various maintenance and parts needs along the rail lines. Western-Cullen-Hayes, Inc. is the original supplier and the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for CATS BLE Grade Crossing Parts and Integrity Wire was utilized to supply Gate Arms Spares. The awarded bidder will have to also make minor repairs. In order to upkeep the BLE Grade Crossing CATS is in need of a contract for spare parts.


PSR 924

Blue Line Extension Grade Crossing Spare Parts

The request is for 5 year $30,000 annual contract for  Western-Cullen-Hayes, Inc. Grade Crossing spare parts the OEM for the Blue Line Extension (” BLE”) Grade Crossing Spare Parts. Integrity Wire was the DBE used by BBRI under the BLE project to supply the grade crossing equipment.

PSR 840

Emergency Egress Gate Additions

Fabricate and install new galvanized emergency egress gates and galvanized gate posts at Tom Hunter (three new gates) University City Boulevard (six new gates) McCullough (three new gates) and J W Clay (six new gates) stations for a total of 18 new gates. New gates and gate posts are to match existing gates and gate posts submittal drawings.