Fueling and Pneumatic Preventive Maintenance and Repair Services


Fueling Station, Pneumatic Equipment PM and Repair Services Charlotte Area Transit System Bus Operation Division (CATS-BOD) is requesting proposals for fueling station, pneumatic equipment Preventative Maintenance, and repair services. CATS-BOD uses multiple fueling stations and pneumatic equipment between two facilities. The facilities are located at:
3145 South Tryon Charlotte, NC and
900 North Davidson Charlotte, NC.


Types of Equipment
CATS-BOD currently uses the following types of equipment:
Gasboy DEF dispensing system
Wayne Diesel dispensing system
Bus Posilock 105 fueling systems
Lincoln/Gracco lube dispensers, pneumatic pumps, retractable reels, etc.
Various fueling trolley systems
Incon/Veeder-Root tank monitoring systems
Various inground and above ground storage tanks


Fuel Supply Products, Fuel Cards, and Related Services

The City requires an outside Company for the provision of Fuel Supply Products, Fleet Cards, and Related Services through various means, including gasoline, diesel, auxiliary fuels and motor oils at retail fueling stations, and through bulk,consignment, and mobile wet hosing fuel deliveries to onsite fueling locations. Fleet fuel cards are assigned to approximately 6,500 City vehicles to ensure access to the discounted pricing schedule.