S70 Light Rail Vehicle Engineering Services

This Request for Proposals is to select one or more firms to provide consulting engineering services to the CATS Rail Car Maintenance department on a task order on-call basis. CATS reserves the right to substitute, delete, or add additional tasks to those outlined in Work because of changes in priorities or unforeseen circumstances. The Consultant services are not considered either complete or all-inclusive and may include any combination thereof. We recognize that some categories are not unique and may be like others, interface with, or be extensions of others.

PSR # 1512

S70 Articulation Maintenance Evaluation

Rail Car Maintenance requires the following service performed on two selected LRVs:

Scope of Work:

  • The 2 (two) oldest or highest mileage vehicles will be selected by CATS.
  • Vendor will provide personnel will remove and replace two LRV center truck bearings (4 four center articulation bearings) with new units. All parts and special tools will be provided by the vendor.
  • The vendor will coordinate and ship the removed bearings to an independent lab for analysis. The data obtained from the investigation will be compared to a new unit, and the mileage or bearing lifetime remaining will be estimated. The recommendation will be submitted to CATS
  • The vendor will issue a letter to CATS with maintenance action recommendations and intervals based on analysis results.
  • This is for purchasing, replacing, and analysis of 4 (four) center articulation bearings.

Cancelled – Auxiliary power supply (APS). Main Power source for Propulsion

Designs and manufactures the auxiliary power supply products for the light rail vehicles. The parts that are being purchased are for repair and replacement parts required to maintain the APS units. These are customized parts for Light Rail Vehicles.


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