On Call Stream Restoration and Sanitary Sewer Repair

This project includes stream stabilization and sewer repair at multiple locations within the sanitary sewer collection system. Stream stabilization structures shall be constructed to protect existing and proposed sanitary sewer infrastructure.

Project components include natural in-stream structures, plantings, site grading, sanitary sewer replacement, sheet pile installation, bypass pumping, and sediment control measures. Site locations will be released during the contract duration.

The contract is expected to be for a two-year term with possible renewal.

CMPD NorthWest Police Station

This project will consist of a one-story police station located at 1800 & 1818 Mt-Holly Huntersville Road in Northwest Charlotte on approximately 9 acres. This station will enable CMPD to create a new division between the North Division and Freedom Division and will be approximately 15,000 square feet in size. The project will use the Design-Bid-Build project delivery method.

McAlpine Wastewater Treatment Plant Dewatering Building HVAC Replacement

Replacing the McAlpine Waste Water Treatment Plant Dewatering Building HVAC system including all associated mechanical equipment, electrical, I&C, and ancillary components.

This project includes the HVAC upgrades at McAlpine Creek WWTP Thickening/Dewatering Building. The upgrades would include the replacement of air handling units, make up air units, exhaust fans, ductworks, the addition of split AC units, and the addition of an alarm and monitoring system for HVAC equipment. The scope will also include some structural and architectural rehabilitation needed to accommodate new ductwork and HVAC equipment.

Collective V (Multiple Isolated Storm Drainage Improvements Projects)

This project consists of multiple isolated storm drainage improvements projects located throughout the City of Charlotte. Projects include storm drainage improvements and replacement and repair of existing storm drainage system facilities within the street right-of-way and private, residential properties.

Laurel Avenue Storm Drainage Improvement Project

This project is bordered by Laurel Avenue to the north, Dotger Avenue to the south, Randolph Road to the east and Hempstead Place to the west.  The existing drainage system consists of closed pipe systems.  This drainage system is currently undersized and street flooding has been reported on Colville Road and building flooding has been reported on Cranbrook Lane.

Foxrun/Burtonwood Storm Drainage Improvement Project

This project is bordered by Rama Road to the north, McAlpine Creek to the south, Monroe Road to the east and Burlwood Road to the west.  The drainage system consists of open channel and closed pipe systems underneath City maintained roads.  This was previously identified as a major capital project from the watershed ranking prioritization process with a score of 54 of 100.  The ranking protocol identifies 30 structures that experience flooding in the 100-year storm event and 16 roads that experience transverse overtopping events that do not meet current standards.  There are recent Ai requests reported from Asset Management and the existing drainage system has experienced numerous failures.  A holistic project is needed to cost beneficially address the drainage system issues.